How to pick up the right colors for your surface design patterns?


Grab two colors & play with them, tone up or down until you find your own perfect tune. Be audacious.

I love to find colors inspirations into interior design, fashion or other creative people works. My process involves collecting some imageries on Pinterest, Niice or various websites. Using my phone, I do some screenshots and import the images into Adobe Capture. This app is very useful for creating your patterns & colors libraries so you can have them instantlty available with Adobe Illustrator.

Above are some visual inspirations found on Pinterest which are a mix of interesting textures, materials, colors. If you step back a bit, you can see some predominance of whites, dark blue, green, brown leather & simple lines.



It is to be unafraid to leave a surface half empty, just the right space for your visual to breath.

If you're uneasy while manipulating colors, you can start with 2 colors, one light up and the other light down. As you go, try to add another one. Keep in mind to balance with a dominance for one of them (large or small quantity), as shown above and below.

In the upcoming illustrations my color palette is more muted with an absence of pink. It leaves more space for new favorites, like dark blue & green & a lot of white. Hope this explanation about how I'm working will invite you to experiment with new colors. Can't wait to see your illustrations!