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I'm glad that you found me & I can't wait to share how I can possibly help you.

First, I want to introduce myself in a few words. I am originally from France & now live in Florida with my wonderful family. I'm passionate about Design, Branding & Contemporary Art. I've cumulated 15 years + experience working with Start up, Luxury Brands, Fashion Designers, Creative Directors & Entrepreneurs. (so yes, you're in good hands). After many years creating artworks, I've finally decided to share my knowledges in Branding & Graphic Design with woman entrepreneurs helping them create a brand they love. I've attracted my first Ladies clients & it's an amazing experience.



Getting things done will be easier if you write them down.

Not just a daily to-do-list (that can become endless & quite overwhelming) but your vision of your bigger goal, with weekly & daily actions.

Get my Free fancy & well design PDF that will help you stay on track & build a Brand that you love.

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Branding Beautification with deep Thoughts

These 4 simplified phases will help you building your online presence with more ease.
Each step describes some clear & practical actions to take to create your influential Brand.

The most important thing in business is Strategy & Brand Clarification. They are essential components of your online presence & if clearly expressed your brand will connect emotionally with your ideal clients at a deeper level.

Are you ready to kick off your Branding & build an Empire?

Of all recruiters, 95 percent believe that the job market will remain or become more competitive. If you don’t stand out online, your competition will.

Maintaining a strong online brand will, make your skills more marketable to potential employers, and possibly allow you to attract stakeholders to build a business of your own.

Online personal brands are replacing resumes and cover letters as the new tradition of identifying potential job candidates for companies.

Knowing how to make a brand unique will only become more important in the coming years.